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Little Known Facts

Famous People – Food of Choice while staying at Dromoland Castle

  • President Nelson Mandela, Dromoland Irish Stew
  • Johnny Cash, Seafood Salad ‘Princess’
  • President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Dry Aged Irish Sirloin, Rich Claret Sauce
  • Michael Winner, Kippers for Breakfast
  • President Mary Robinson, Pave of Wild Irish Salmon with Baby Spinach
  • Prince Albert of Monaco, Fillet of John Dory, Tomato Nantaise
  • Francis Rossi, Status Quo, Baked Beans on Toast
  • Brooke Shields, Grilled Black Sole on the Bone
  • President George Bush Jnr, Smoked Salmon on Brown Soda
  • Pierce Brosnan, Roast Burren Lamb, Bercy Sauce
  • Richard Harris, Always Irish Stew!
  • John Hume, Breast of Duck, Confit Leg, Cassis Sauce
  • Quentin Tarrantino, Dromoland Breakfast Omelette
  • Ozzie & Sharon Osbourne, Grilled Irish Fillet Steak, Wild Mushrooms & Claret Sauce
  • The Beatles, Prawn Cocktail
  • Crown Prince of Japan, Poached Turbot with Asparagus
  • Robert Redford, Sole á la Meuniere
  • John Travolta, Castle Take-Away! (In Flight Catering!)
  • Xi Jinping, President of China, Galway Bay Oysters


 Castle Kitchen Tips

1. To prevent salt from solidifying

Add a few grains of rice to each cellar.

2. To Clean Glass & Windows

Add a little malt vinegar to the water.

3. To Clean Copper Pots (Johnnie’s Paste)

Mix some flour, salt & malt vinegar to a smooth paste, rub onto the copper

with a sponge, wash off in hot soapy water, rinse with hot water, and leave to

drip dry.

4. How to prove a cast iron pan

Heat the pan with salt ‘hot’ for five minutes, rub with a clean dry cloth, add a

little oil and reheat the pan, discard the oil and wipe clean.

5. Never take a booking for a table of 13! 6 and 7 are fine.

6. How to clean silver Bread soda made into a paste with water.

7. Respect one another and for heaven’s sake stop swearing!

8. Cleanliness is the most important ingredient in the art of cooking.

9. To remove almond skins, soak them in hot water for 15 minutes.

10. If vegetables grow above the ground, do not cover when boiling them, if

vegetables grow below the ground, cover during boiling.

11. If you happen to burn yourself, place a mashed banana on the wound to

cool and prevent blistering.

12. Clean and clear as you go, most essential.

13. Warm garlic cloves before peeling.

14. Wooden chopping boards, sprinkle with salt, rub it in with half a lemon and boiling water. Dry and oil with walnut oil.