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The Fig Tree Restaurant

At Dromoland Castle

Bright and sunny in summer, comfy and cosy in winter, The Fig Tree Restaurant in the Golf & Country Club is always buzzing. Lively and welcoming, you’ll find golfers, locals and hotel guests relaxing, chatting and analysing their games over delicious food and drinks. From sandwiches to steaks and salads, fish and chips to chowder, our delicious menu offers big-flavoured crowd-pleasers using outstanding Irish ingredients. Relaxed and buzzy, The Fig Tree is the ideal spot for a light lunch, post-golf snack or casual dinner. No matter what the weather expect a warm welcome.

With the arrival of winter, the Fig Tree Restaurant at Dromoland Castle’s Golf & Country Club is unveiling its new seasonal menus and an exciting brunch offering that promises to captivate your taste buds. Here, excellence meets a commitment to local sourcing, creating a dining experience that is as sustainable as it is sumptuous.

Brunch Beyond Expectations:

Redefine your weekend dining experience with the enticing new brunch offering from The Fig Tree Restaurant.  Often hailed as the best meal of the day, we’ve given brunch an added sprinkling of Irish enchantment. With a diverse selection of delectable dishes that range from classic breakfast favourites to innovative brunch specialties, your weekend mornings just became a lot more exciting.

Our kitchen team’s passion for local sourcing means our brunch dishes are graced with the bounty of Dromoland’s surrounding farms, elevating the taste of every bite and sip. Wake up to locally roasted coffee and indulge in farm-fresh eggs, artisanal bread, and more. Here at The Fig Tree, brunch is a celebration of the region's flavours, making each meal an experience that you’ll want to make part of your weekend ritual.

Fig Tree Restaurant Opening Hours 

Monday - Friday
11am - 8pm

Saturday & Sunday
10am - 8pm

                                  Please note that our lunch and brunch menu will be available until 4:45 pm, and our dinner menu will commence at 5:00pm.

  The Figtree will be open from 9am with an offering of Scones, Muffins, Tea & Coffee

Monday - Friday

9am - 11am

Saturday - Sunday

9am - 10am