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Elemis Anti-Ageing Facials
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Hands and Feet
Elemis Anti-Ageing Facials

The hands of a highly trained ELEMIS therapist are profoundly effective anti-ageing tools. Using a combination of massage techniques from around the world, this is where intuition meets expertise with clinically proven results.

ELEMIS Superfood Pro-Radiance

1 hr €105

Brightens and Nourishes

A nutritional boost rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives. Clinically proven* to leave skin plumper, radiant and lit up with good health.

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Defy

1 hr €125

Improves skin firmness

Tackle fine lines and wrinkles with the clinically proven* age-defying benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica and Red Coral. Targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function for nourished, younger looking skin.

ELEMIS Pro-Definition Lift and Contour

1 hr €125

Lifts and Sculpts

Powered by breakthrough technology, this facial helps restore the architecture of the face using the potent nutrients in plant actives found to help support the extra-cellular matrix. Creates a profoundly sculpted, youthful effect.

ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel

1 hr €125

Renews and Revitalises

Clinically proven* to target the signs of ageing and uneven skin tone, this pioneering precision treatment uses layers of enzymes for powerful exfoliation and renewal. A new start for smoother, younger-looking skin.

*Independent Clinical Trials


15 mins €25

Soothing & firming

This rejuvenating eye treatment uses the Hydra Gel Eye masks which are formulated to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines. The power of Padina Pavonica provides an instant skin tightening effect, whilst Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the fragile eye area. Specialised lifting massage increase cellular renewal around the eye area, leaving them looking firmer and brighter. A relaxing hot Coconut Oil scalp massage completes this refreshing eye therapy.

Signature Treatments

Perfect treatments for total face and body care therapy tailored to your needs, created especially for the Spa at Dromoland.

Gua Sha Facial

75 minutes €130

Gua Sha is a truly luxurious, effective facial massage that encourages movement and stimulation of facial tissues using crystal stones resulting in visibly plump toned rejuvenated skin.

Together combining Elemis’ ground-breaking skin care formulations, your expert therapists, Kate and Eimar, will create a truly bespoke facial experience. Incorporating facial Gua Sha massage using Rose Quartz or smoothed jade stones to relax tension in facial muscles which can cause lines, it also lifts and sculps the contorts of the face, increases blood flow, smooths fine lines, giving the skin luminosity and a visibly brightened complexion.

Dromoland Royal Escape Signature Journey

2 hr €180

Relax and indulge with this combination face and body treatment. Our Hot Mineral Body Boost incorporates massage to stimulate every cell in the body, and alleviate muscular pain. Followed by the clinically proven Pro-Collagen Age Defy facial, the body is invigorated and the complexion nourished to perfection.

Dromoland Kings and Queens Signature Journey

2 hrs €199

A sensational massage, combined with our Superfood Pro-Radiance facial. Choose from the Re-Energiser, a warming eucalyptus massage, or the luxurious and relaxing Rose Garden Massage, whilst your facial helps skin feel plumper, radiant and lit up with good health.


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

30 mins €65 / 55 mins €95

This tailor-made massage is specifically designed for relieving stress. For the desired results, your therapist will target specific pressure points, stretching and deep tissue technique to invigorate, realign and restore balance.

Tailored Dromoland Full Body Massage

55 mins €100 / 90 mins €155

Your personalised Dromoland massage will be a comforting, luxurious and indulgent experience. A personal consultation will ensure you receive a unique treatment using massage techniques and a blend of essential oils to suit your specific needs of the moment.

Deep Tissue

30 mins €80/ 55 mins €110/ 90 mins €160

De-stress – re-balance

A deep muscle massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Specialised techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain and sore, tight shoulders.

Golf Ball

30 mins €75/ 55 mins €120
The size, hardness, and shape of a golf ball make it the perfect instrument to reach deep sore spots in your muscles. Trigger points and muscle spasms are a constant source of pain and can throw off a golfer’s biomechanics, hindering their game. The Golf Ball Massage is an effective strategy to alleviate trigger points, break down muscle adhesions and restore proper function.

Total Wellbeing Package

2 hr 15 mins - €230

Your tailored massage begins with a consultation to choose an Elemis Life Elixir Essence oil. There are five to choose from: Fortitude, Clarity, Calm, Sleep and Embrace. By smelling each essence, you choose one that your personally is drawn to – your sense of smell is closely linked to the emotional part of your brain, so each individual is drawn to a particular essence that relates to their own personal needs.

You then begin your journey to ultimate relaxation with guided Chakra breathing. This powerful technique is used to help clear any emotional fog that you may be experiencing and to also allow you time to inhale the wonderful calming aroma of your chosen oil.

To begin the massage, your chosen oil is paired with the hydrating properties of Japanese Camellia oil, so not only will you feel the emotional benefits, you will be left with super soft and supple skin. If that wasn’t luxurious enough, we apply Elemis Body Balm over the top to leave your skin feeling like its been doused in a bath of nourishing goodness!

You really are spoilt with this treatment as it includes a full body, scalp and facial massage, so you will feel every inch of you has been kneaded until any tension has melted away.

You will really benefit from this treatment as it is so bespoke to your individual needs, it will leave your mind clear and lifted and help restore balance in your mind, body and soul.

Specialised Massages

Hot Stone Massage

30 mins €75 / 55 mins €120

Massage using hot stones has been used for hundreds of years to help relieve tension and pain. The heat generated by the massage stones is not only relaxing but also helps to reduce
muscular tension and break up those knots using heat and pressure.

Hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing styles of massage available. During your treatment, hot stones will
be placed on your body, and they will also be used by your therapist to massage the muscles. It’s the perfect treatment to warm you up.

Hot stone massage can also be great for releasing very tight
muscles and trigger point

Indian Head Massage

45 mins €70

This relaxing therapy involves massage of the head, neck and scalp using different massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate these areas. A repairing, conditioning Coconut Melt is applied to hair and scalp prior to treatment to deeply nourish and smooth the hair and scalp.


50 mins €90

Acupressure is applied to zones on the feet that correspond to all parts of the body and organs. This treatment stimulates the body’s own healing and balancing process.

Pregnancy Massage

75 mins €110

Please inform a member of staff if you are pregnant – ALL MUMS-TO-BE MUST BE PAST THEIR FIRST TRIMESTER (14 WEEKS) FOR TREATMENTS TO BE CARRIED OUT.

These thoroughly researched and carefully formulated treatments have been designed to nurture and support a woman through the rich tapestry of each trimester. This unique pregnancy massage is profoundly nurturing and tranquil. Performed on a pear-shaped beanbag that moulds to every bump and supports every body, mothers-to-be are restored to optimum wellness. An intuitive, sensitive and relaxing massage hydrates and moisturises skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby.

Hands and Feet

File and Polish on Hands OR Feet

(OPI – nail Polish) 25 mins €30

Shellac Removal

10 mins €15

Shellac on Hands OR Feet

35mins €30

Shellac on Hands and Feet

60 mins €55

Prescriptive Manicure

55 mins €60 (upgrade to Shellac Polish €10 extra)

Prescriptive Pedicure

55 mins €70 (upgrade to Shellac Polish €10 extra)