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The Lake

At Dromoland Castle

Covering an area of 24 acres the Dromoland inland lake is 90 ft at its deepest point and 30ft deep at the edge. The River Rhine runs into the lough and this connects with the River Shannon which is Irelands longest river. It is generously stocked with trout, perch and other course fish making it the perfect spot for novice fishers.

A mute swan is a large white swan, with an orange-red bill with prominent knob on the forehead, black nostrils and cutting edges. Resident on lakes, ponds, rivers & wetlands throughout Ireland. Despite the name not mute! Adults’ swans give a curious snorting or rumbling sound. Juveniles beg with high-pitched whistle - hisses when alarmed.

Does not call-in flight, but a loud whistling sound is produced by the wings. Also graze on land and occasionally feed on small amphibians, snails and insects. Clutch: 4-7 eggs (1 brood) Incubation: 34-45 days. Fledging: 120-150 days (precocial). Age of first breeding: 3 years. Breeds on lakes, ponds & rivers, and nests are a large mound constructed from reed stem and other aquatic vegetation, with seaweed being used in coastal locations.