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The Entrance Porch

At Dromoland Castle

We know from an entry in the Journal Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland in 1907 that this 17th century gateway was removed from Lemanagh Castle to the north of Clare on the instruction of Lucius William O'Brien, 15th Baron lnchiquin {1864-1929}, specifically to be re-erected at Dromoland Castle.

With an inscription recording the year of 1643 the porch was built by Conor O'Brien - the first of many (reputedly 25} poor souls who married the famous Marie Rua, and subsequently left her a widow. It is believed the removal of the porch took place in 1907.

Lucius William O'Brien was married to Lady Ethel Jane (Foster) and towards the end of this modernisation of the garden he named a rose after her. Lady Inchiquin was honoured by having the “Lady Ethel” pink climbing rose on the garden wall named after her. The Lady Ethel rose is still grown in Dromoland's walled garden over 100 years later.