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The Castle Spa: Where Wellness Meets Womanhood

The Castle Spa: Where Wellness Meets Womanhood This year’s International Women’s Day we put a spotlight on three female founders who are intrinsically linked to the Castle Spa experience and its serene and tranquil offering. These brands, spearheaded by innovative women, are committed to delivering skincare solutions that prioritise both health and beauty.    …

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The Benefits of Drawing A Bath

How Drawing a bath can help you in ways you didn’t even know possible. Warm baths help ease physical tension, relax anxious muscles and can even help with digestive problems and lowering blood sugar levels. A Japanese study has investigated the mental health benefits of bathing and the results have shown they can drastically help…

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Tips for Hydration

Tips for Hydration Hydration from in the inside is fundamental What are you eating? Firstly, look at your diet which might be causing dehydration, if you are eating lots of dry and salty foods, consuming alcohol, tea and coffee as these are diuretics, meaning they take water out of your system quicker, so it’s a…

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