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Our Sustainable Practices

At Dromoland Castle

Management and Staff at Dromoland Castle Hotel are committed to Protecting and Enhancing the Environment for future Generations.  At Dromoland, we are continuously striving to improve our Environmental practices which include Waste Management, conserving our Water & Energy usage and being conscious of our environmental surroundings here at The Castle.

To date there are many actions that we have taken as we embark on our “Sustainable Journey”. The following are actions we have already taken, and we continue to work to minimise our Carbon footprint for future generations.

- We have Green Champions among our team striving to achieve and implement our goals with colleagues & train them on our sustainability practices.

- We monitor all usage monthly and benchmark against competitors and base our targets and actions on this.

- We are constantly looking at Single Plastics throughout the property & seeking alternative Sustainable products to replace these

- We have our own Herb Garden, Apple Orchard & Tomatoes cared for by our Gardens team and delivered to our kitchens.

-We produce our own compost and reuse our shredded paper & coffee grinds in this process.

-All used Nespresso pods are fully recycled in the hotel

-All our bottled water in the main hotel is made of glass, therefore is reusable & fully recyclable.

-We educate all team members on recycling and how important being “Sustainable” is now, and for future generations in our induction.

-The Hotel has installed our own Water Reservoir which in turn has reduced our water consumption by up to 70%. We have also installed 8 LPG Boilers which produces 250 Kilowatts

of Hot water.

-In 2019 we upgraded all underground piping for water throughout the resort which also contributed to our saving in Water. Our Gardens use Rain Water harvesting on the Resort.

-The Hotel has four electrical charging points for electric cars.

- We have upgraded all the windows in the Castle to 12mm slim glaze

- We are up to 95% conversion to LED lighting across the estate

-As much as possible, our Executive Chef sources our food from the Locality & also from Local Artesian Suppliers. This in turn reduces food miles (The distance food travels from farm to fork).

-We became GEO certified on our Golf Course in Feb 2023

-1.8ha of previously maintained turf has been converted into natural rough to support biodiversity and ecological development.

-We have invested in a fleet of electric golf buggies

To learn more about our sustainability practices, please visit our ENSO profile by clicking here