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Dealers Choice at Dromoland Cocktail Bar

Dealer’s Choice at Dromoland’s Cocktail Bar

Tarot cards might spark thoughts of mystical predictions, soothsayers and crystal balls, but, at Dromoland Castle, the deck has been given a whole new meaning

Our new Dealer’s Choice experience at Dromoland’s Cocktail Bar elevates the traditional cocktail encounter into a fun game of chance. Forget ordering your usual cocktail from a drinks menu. Instead, ask to play Dealer’s Choice with Dromoland’s unique cocktail-themed tarot cards, which will be dealt out before you. Each card features a bespoke illustration with a special connection to the Castle, as well as information about a delicious cocktail. Once dealt, you’ll be prompted to choose the drink you’re most drawn to.

Dromoland’s Own Oracle

Dromoland’s drinks’ oracle, and cocktail supervisor, Alex Beyou began work on our Dealer’s Choice project over two years ago. “I spent some time in Dublin, calling into the top bars, examining their cocktail lists and observing their techniques. I wanted to get a feel of what was out there. My ultimate goal was to create a new experience within the bar at Dromoland; something completely different to any other bar that guests can take away and remember as a highlight of their trip.”

Hailing from France, Alex has spent four years in Dromoland’s Cocktail Bar. Collaborating with former Dromoland employee, Coleman Costello, each card has an illustration hand-drawn by Coleman, that takes inspiration from around the estate. “We wanted the Tarot Cards to paint a picture of Dromoland, of its history, its character and the tales that resonate with our guests. The next step was to tie each cocktail into the part of the Dromoland story it was telling.”

Each cocktail is expertly crafted, all house specialities. Favourites include ‘The Fool’, a Patron Reposado based cocktail illustrated with a drawing of the Jackalope, which sits behind the bar and has been a great conversation piece in Dromoland’s Cocktail Bar for decades.

Guests can savour the experience in the intimate surrounds of our inviting Cocktail Bar, once the O’Brien family’s wonderful library, offering cosy views across Dromoland’s fine estate.

Neatly packaged in a smart box, decks of our Dealer’s Choice cocktail tarot cards may also be purchased at Dromoland Castle, making the perfect novelty gift or souvenir.

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