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The Castle Spa: Where Wellness Meets Womanhood

This year’s International Women’s Day we put a spotlight on three female founders who are intrinsically linked to the Castle Spa experience and its serene and tranquil offering. These brands, spearheaded by innovative women, are committed to delivering skincare solutions that
prioritise both health and beauty.




Seabody by Dr. Helena McMahon: Harnessing the Power of Marine Molecules

Dr. Helena McMahon, with over two decades of experience in cell biology and natural molecule research, leads Seabody with a focus on harnessing the bioactivity of marine molecules. Through extensive R&D projects, McMahon's team isolates proprietary marine molecules from indigenous Irish algae species, using a sustainable, zero-waste process. Seabody's products are formulated with these marine molecules, offering a plethora of benefits for skin health and beauty. From collagen stimulation to stem-cell-based therapies, Seabody's innovative approach to skincare embraces the richness of the ocean, delivering transformative results while prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At The Castle Spa, these three female-led product houses converge to offer a holistic approach to skincare, where science, innovation, and sustainability intersect to empower women on their wellness journey.






Dr. Barbara Sturm: Orthopedics Expert and Anti-inflammatory Pioneer

Dr. Barbara Sturm, a renowned German doctor and orthopedics specialist, brings her expertise in inflammation management to skincare. With a background in medicine and sports, Dr. Sturm has dedicated her career to developing cutting-edge treatments for inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis. Her approach involves leveraging the body's own proteins and healing factors to halt inflammation and facilitate tissue repair. Drawing from her medical background, Dr. Sturm's skincare line embodies her commitment to anti-inflammatory solutions, offering products that nurture and rejuvenate the skin.






KIA: Nutritional Skincare Revolution

Founded by Georgie Cleeve in 2009, OSKIA pioneered the concept of nutritional skincare. Inspired by the transformative effects of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), known as the 'Beauty Mineral,' Cleeve embarked on a journey to harness the power of cellular nutrients for skin health. Initially introduced to MSM by her father, who had pioneered its use as a joint supplement for racehorses, Cleeve experienced remarkable improvements not only in joint health but also in skin conditions like acne and eczema. The bioavailability of MSM, the most potent form of sulfur, is harnessed to boost collagen, keratin, and glutathione production, promoting circulation and reducing inflammation for a radiant complexion. For Cleeve, beauty and confidence stem from the fundamental principle that healthy skin begins with proper nutrition.




A special mention also on International Women’s Day also to our Castle Spa team who create lasting memories and moments of magic in our refurbished Castle Spa with 6 Treatment Rooms, a Twin Treatment Room and Ireland’s only Amber & Quartz Bed.

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