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“Roast Rack of Burren Lamb”

Caramelised Onion Puree, Seasonal Vegetables, Oven Dried Plum Tomato, Tarragon Jus

Lamb farming in Ireland, and indeed in County Clare, is an age old tradition. The mild Irish climate coupled with the clean environment provides the perfect conditions for rearing lambs.

Burren lamb spends all of their time outside therefore grazing on grass and wild flora which in turn gives the meat its unique sweetness and delicate flavour.

For this dish we use one of the prime cuts, the ‘best-end’ or ‘fair-end’ which when butchered is split into two racks of lamb. The racks are then marinated with Newgrange rape seed oil, wild garlic and herbs. The rack is roasted at gentle temperatures with, of course, a little Irish butter.  The vegetables are caringly prepared and individually cooked before being brought together for the presentation of the dish. Caramelised onion provides a different undertone and the tarragon jus has a slight anise aroma. However the unique Burren lamb stands proud!

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