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“Doolin Scallops and Dublin Bay Prawns”, by Executive Head Chef David McCann

Red Pepper, Seaweed Sushi, Carrot & Ginger Puree, Chilli & Soy Dressing

We mourn as the native oyster season draws to a close; they’re not in season when the letter ‘R’ isn’t present in the month! Don’t let the mood turn melancholic for the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ has many shellfish treats to tide you over until the new oyster season erupts with the Clarinbridge Galway Bay Oyster Festival in September.

The Atlantic surf churns up, scallops, brown crab, Dublin bay prawns, crawfish, clams and the king of them all, blue lobster.

For the above dish the scallops, prawns and indeed the seaweed have to travel all of 51 kilometres, where would you get it?, Dromoland Castle of course!

The scallops and prawns are encouraged to release their natural sugars to caramelise in a hot skillet with butter and wild garlic present also. Red peppers are carefully skinned and cooked with baby capers to cut the sweetness. Seaweed and sushi rice are rolled out to add the punch of the wild Atlantic. Carrot and aromatic ginger give a certain earthiness to the dish. The Asian influence of the dressing soy, mirin and chilli just works!

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