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“St Tola goats cheese”, by Executive Head Chef David McCann

Heirloom Beetroot, Honeydew Melon, Quinoa & Seed Crumb, Sherry Reduction

The late Meg and Derrick Gordon retired to a 25 acre farm holding in the Burren in County Clare. The terrane suited goats, Meg had knowledge of cheese making from her time in Normandy France; Derrick was a former tea-plantation manager, what a recipe! St Tola Goats Cheese was born.

Meg delivered the cheese in different forms to the Castle herself for many years until she sold the cottage business to a local school teacher and summer worker Siobhan Ni Ghairbhith in 1999.

The relationship has continued between the castle and this now world acclaimed artisan goats cheese.

St Tola is a delicate mild fresh cheese with a unique floral crisp aroma. We lighten the cheese with whipped cream for this particular dish. Heirloom beetroot from the walled garden adds the sweetness and the vibrant colour for presentation, by compressing the honeydew melon the flavours are intensified. The baked quinoa and seeds provide the alternate texture and the sherry reduction brings everything to life on the palate.

Spring has sprung!

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