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“Soft Meringue & Passion Fruit Roulade”

Yoghurt Ice Cream, Violet Vacherin, Raspberry Gel

The word dessert originated from the French term ‘desservir la table’ meaning ‘to clear the table’. The name dessert dates back to the 14th century, however, it attained its current meaning around the beginning of the 20th century when ‘service a la francaise’ (placing a variety of dishes on the table) was replaced with ‘service a la russe’ presenting the meal in courses. After several courses today the last course, the dessert, is best kept light!

Soft meringue is simply whisked egg whites with sugar, a little wine vinegar, bourbon vanilla and cornflour to give substance and a crispy outer layer after baking. The soft meringue is rolled with passion fruit crème chiboust to form the roulade. We make different textured meringues for contrast and presentation, violet vacherin sponge meringue and crispy Italian meringue for crunch. Raspberry gel goes beautifully with passion fruit and the yoghurt ice cream is both zingy and refreshing. The fragrant viola petals adds pastel colour.

Spring has truly sprung!

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