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Charlotte & Co: Fashion with Feminine Flair

Charlotte & Co: Fashion with Feminine Flair

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, we are immensely proud to shine a spotlight on the incredible female founders behind some of the most exquisite brands we support.

Behind every exceptional selection at Charlotte & Co. stands our esteemed Boutique Manager, Geraldine Greene. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for craftsmanship, Geraldine has curated a collection that embodies the essence of elegance and sophistication. Geraldine’s dedication to celebrating women in the world of fashion and design is reflected in every piece that graces our boutique shelves.


Vanessa Ree Jewellery: A Fusion of Creativity and Craftsmanship

Vanessa Ree’s journey in jewellery design is a testament to her unparalleled creativity and dedication. With nearly two decades of experience in the creative advertising industry, Vanessa seamlessly transitioned her skills into the realm of fine jewellery. Her designs, characterized by a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, reflect her passion for creating pieces that resonate with the wearer on a personal level. Each collection is imbued with a sense of expression and sensuality, making Vanessa Ree Jewellery a true reflection of its founder’s vision and artistry.


Tidings by Niamh Gillespie: Where Art Meets Fashion 

Niamh Gillespie’s love affair with textile print design has resulted in the birth of Tidings, a brand synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and artistic flair. Armed with a degree in Fashion Design and a Masters in Textile Print Design, Niamh brings her passion for color, nature, and fine art to every scarf she creates. Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of the West of Ireland, her designs capture the essence of nature in vibrant hues and intricate patterns. Each scarf is a wearable masterpiece, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, inviting the wearer to experience the beauty of art in motion.


My Name Is Ted: A Legacy Reimagined

Kasha Gaborec-McEvoy’s journey with My Name Is Ted is a testament to the power of family legacy and entrepreneurial spirit. Inspired by her husband Brendan McEvoy’s grandfather, Ted Carbery, Kasha embarked on a mission to revive the family tradition of crafting luxury leather goods. Drawing inspiration from Ted’s timeless designs and vision, Kasha and Brendan set out to create a brand that seamlessly blends heritage with modern elegance. Their handbags, crafted with precision and passion, have garnered widespread acclaim, propelling My Name Is Ted to international acclaim. With a vision to become the ‘Mulberry of Ireland’, Kasha and Brendan are steadfast in their commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and storytelling.



Join us in celebrating their achievements and empowering women everywhere to pursue their dreams and leave their mark on the world.
Shop Geraldine’s full curation here.
Happy International Women’s Day!

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